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 Good Sam RV Association of Illinois, Inc.

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              Good Sam Club
The story behind The Good Sam Club is 4 decades in the making. The Club takes its name from the term “Good Samaritan” and came to life in 1966 when cartoonist E.C. Bilsland Jr. sketched a dark-haired character with a broad smile and a halo to personify the spirit of Good Samaritan RVers. A group of RVers began placing a Good Samaritan sticker on the bumper of their trailer while on the road to let fellow RV families know that they were there to help. This idea spread through RV parks and campgrounds across the US and Canada until the club developed into what it is today. The goal remains the same as it did in 1966: to make RVing safer and more enjoyable, and save members money through Club-endorsed benefits and services. The Good Sam Club is now over 1.6 million RVing families strong and growing!, our Members have fun, stop to help one another and meet our responsibilities to the environment, highways and parks.

We have over 2,000 active chapters throughout the United States and Canada. These  chapters support hundreds of local charities as well as participating in civic projects such as Adopt A Highway, National Clean Up Day, Habitat For Humanity.  But good deeds are not all we do. We also have fun, each year thousands of Good Samer’s attend gatherings we used to call “Samborees”, but now referred to as RV Rallys, which are held in most States and include activities such as seminars, entertainment, craft classes, ice cream socials, dinners, and other events which make these a festive and worthwhile piece of  Americana.

So if you enjoy fellowship, Camping and the RV life style you may want to come join us. We hope you enjoy your visit with us and if you would like more information about The Good Sam Club feel free to contact us or the Chapter Presidents listed here on our site. We have chapters throughout the State of Kentucky and we will welcome you with a smile as big as our good friends “Sam & Samantha”.

 Effective July 1, 2017

Jamie Howard will serve as the main point of contact for support of the State/Provincial Directors – Contact information:
or emergency contact:  270/901-4893

(States in Ohio Valley Region:
Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky)

Good Sams - Ohio Valley Region

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