Welcome to CHAMCO SAMS CHAPTER of Champaign, IL.

If yChamco LOGOou are considering joining with others who enjoy RV lifestyle, we would like to extend to you an invitation to visit us at any of our campouts or luncheon meetings.
CHAMCO SAMS CHAPTER was founded on May 6, 1971 and was chartered as the second Chapter of the State of Illinois.  Our campouts are held April thru October and luncheon meetings are held in November and March.  The campouts start Friday evening with a campfire.  Saturday morning we get together for breakfast at our camp site.  A potluck dinner is held Saturday evening followed by a Chapter business meeting.  Sunday morning we have a worship service.

Most of our camp-outs are within a two hour driving radius of Champaign, Illinois and are held at private campgrounds on the fourth full weekend of each month, except May & October which is the 3rd weekend.
In order to join our chapter, you must first be a member of the National GOOD SAM CLUB check their website:  http://www.illinoisgoodsam.org/

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